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Social Housing

Engage colleagues, tenants and partners in social value and volunteering programmes. Increase social and environmental wellbeing and build stronger relationships.



Effectively manage and scale your volunteering programmes. Engage colleagues, and empower suppliers to support impact organisations, and report on their impact.



Build a strong community of alumni, students and staff. Engage them to progress impactful initiatives, while helping them build meaningful connections and develop new skills.

Reduce the time it takes to run a programme by 70%

Get rid of messy spreadsheets and nightmarish email chains. We estimate that it can take up to 320 hrs/month to run a best-in-class programme, and with Goodsted, we can reduce this time to only 99 hrs/month.


Engage stakeholders and break down silos

Scale your collective impact by engaging your whole value chain. Goodsted makes collaboration seamless and transparent so you can easily expand your programmes beyond your colleagues.


less cost on avg. to run a programme


Avg. hours/ month saved


Easily demonstrate your impact

Hit ESG and social value targets, and let Goodsted do the heavy work on measurements. Our dynamic dashboards and analytics will keep track of your activities and the collective impact you create in real-time.

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    Stop wasting time on labour-intensive tasks
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    Sit back and review your performance anytime
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    Confidently report on your achievements

Say goodbye to...

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    Administrative errors

    Keeping track of things manually results in a higher chance of manual error

  • tasks
    Unsatisfying tasks

    Doing repetitive tasks is never fun, and can easily create an unsatisfying work environment

  • low impact
    Low impact

    Not being able to run and scale your programme effectively creates lower positive impact


Beneficiary organisations


Hours volunteered


Opportunities completed


Value generated

All-in-one stakeholder impact management platform

Goodsted has everything you need to set your programme up for success

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    Increase participation

    Leave the match-macking to us. Our intelligent suggestions tailor opportunities to the skills and causes people are passionate about. So each is empowered to engage in a meaningful way.

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    Get your private community

    We hand you the tools to effectively bring every stakeholder together in your own branded space, while still providing you access to the wider, open Goodsted network.

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    Understand the needs of non-profits

    All activities are designed for ultimate transparency up front, and empower partners to share their needs in real-time. This way you can assess what skills and resources are needed most.

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    Scale the engagement

    We make every action transparent. Our auto-updates keep the conversations alive, so no need to worry about manually posting updates on your activities.


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Whether you're just starting out on your impact journey, or are ready to scale your programme more widely in your community — get started with Goodsted.

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Angela GouldEx-volunteering Lead, Aster Group

“I almost felt, in the end that I was an admin assistant. I didn't actually have time to do a lot of the other stuff that would have brought more value to the work we were doing. Goodsted offers a way for doing more meaningful work”

Gill RobertsVolunteering Lead, Aster Group

“Thanks to Goodsted, we've gained a lot of time each month. We can now spend this time on strengthening our relationship with partners, sourcing new opportunities, and working to create new impactful projects!”

Cam KinsellaDirector, Aster Foundation

"We are very lucky to have such a talented organisation as an extended part of the Aster Foundation family! Thanks Goodsted for all you have done so far.”

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