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Product Update: Groups and Projects are here

Zoltán Kozma
checkVerified writer
PUBLISHED ON April 18, 2024

We are back with another announcement of Goodsted product updates, revealing two exciting features we’ve been cooking for a while: Groups and Projects ✨

Join us in diving into these latest two features since our last product update

Introducing Groups 🧬

(Available for Private Ecosystems)

When it comes to achieving our goals, it’s always easier together than alone. After all, collaboration and teamwork are in our DNA.

On Goodsted, one way how this comes down is by creating Groups and engaging with each other. This feature allows us to create our own team, group, or community — however you want to call it. 

These can be either topic ‘interest’ based, departments or ‘employee resource groups’ that already exist within your organisation. Think about a use case like onboarding your organisation’s ‘Women's Empowerment & Equality Network’, led by your colleagues.

Within each group, there are several ways to engage and collaborate.

Technically the ‘About’ section is the homepage of every group on Goodsted. This is the perfect place to share more about your initiative. For example, you can showcase the impact areas and SDGs you’re working towards and share specifically your group’s goals. This helps others to understand your initiative better.

All groups, regardless of the plan you’re using also come with a Feed where you can see major updates happening within the group. It also offers a great opportunity to share news and communicate with all the members easily.

We understand while there are groups that benefit from gaining new and new members, there are others that are better to keep exclusive. This means you have all the freedom over its privacy, depending on your and your organisation’s needs.

In the Member section, you can browse and find other members to see what skills and interests they have. You can easily connect with them and who knows, maybe potentially you start a Project together.

Now you might ask.. what is a Project on Goodsted?

Run Projects for short or long-term initiatives 🛠️

(Available for Private Ecosystems)

Our brand-new, Projects feature allows you to create short or long-term initiatives. Similar to groups, you can set goals, related impact and SDGs for your project. You can also set privacy to public or private.

So how is it different to Groups?

Imagine you’re part of a ‘Women’s Rights’ group.

A potential project to launch could be ‘Women’s Insights’, which is about engaging and empowering women through networking events and encouraging employees to participate in gender equality initiatives.

This initiative might be something that goes on for 2 years, demanding many volunteers from your organisation.

You could list 3-4 different requests, helping you complete the project. Something like 'Help us to create a brand for an event', 'Help us with our first article', 'Help us market our magazine to the rest of the company' etc. 

Other updates 💫

Add a custom link to the ‘Post Opportunity’ form’s image section

Answering our clients’ feedback, now we provide the optionality to add another custom link for an image library next to Pexels. 

At the end of the opportunity creation form, you can have your own image folder link for your ecosystem members to download your images and add to their opportunities. The only thing you need to do is share the link with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Review private documents uploaded by organisations as an Admin

Recently, we added a feature for organisations to upload their private documents (e.g. compliance requirement documents) when registering their organisation pages. This way they can provide more information easily to their stakeholders. These documents can be viewed and edited in the organisation’s settings.

Now, we made this option also visible for the super admins to review before they approve/decline the registration of an organisation within their ecosystem.

Customise Goodsted’s features in your private ecosystem based on your needs

When it comes to private ecosystems, we want our platform to be as flexible as possible to match your strategy and the current stage of impact journey where your organisation at. 

We know that engaging staff and other stakeholder can be a real challenge. So we wouldn’t want you to unnecessarily overwhelm your members with loads of features that are irrelevant to your current needs. 

Goodsted’s infrastructure is built in a way to support you wherever you are on your journey. This means you can turn off - turn on certain features within your own private ecosystem. These include Organisations, Groups, Projects.

For example, if in the beginning, you’re not planning to onboard nonprofit partners in your ecosystem, but you’d rather only promote internal opportunities to your colleagues, then you can easily turn off the creation and directory of Organisations.

We hope these features help you get more out of Goodsted. Easily sign-up to Goodsted’s public ecosystem for free today in case you haven’t done so before! Join our growing community and find collaborations and opportunities fit for you.

For any questions, comments or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch at hello@goodsted.com or through the chat support button on the right-hand side.