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Creating engaging, modern-day employee volunteering programmes is far from easy.
This is why we teamed up with The Uplift Agency to share best practices, tips and
everything in between to help your organisation run an all-star programme.





Inside you’ll find

  • An SVG of an eye
    The business case to boost retention and wellbeing
  • An SVG of an eye
    Why employee volunteering programmes often fail
  • An SVG of an eye
    How to create more impactful programmes
  • An SVG of an eye
    The network effect of modern-day volunteering
  • An SVG of an eye
    Ways to measure your social impact
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Selin Yigitbasi - Ducker

CEO & Founder at Goodsted

quote startOur aim is to empower organisations in building a strong foundation and navigating the challenges along their impact journey. If you're seeking insights into programme failures, strategies for creating impactful initiatives, harnessing the network effect of modern-day volunteering, and measuring social impact, then I wholeheartedly recommend this book as your go-to resource.

Jerome Tennille

Director of Social Impact at Uplift Agency

quote startThere's never been a more urgent time than now to equip and empower social impact professionals with innovative new tools. In this changing social and environmental landscape, how we show up and volunteer is just as important as where we volunteer and how we track and measure progress.

This book serves as a great new resource to equip corporate social impact professionals with the tools they need to navigate the evolving demands we are all facing.

Learn how to create
engaging employee volunteering programmes

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