Time to spruce up your profile 😍

PUBLISHED ON October 14, 2021

We’ve updated our profile design and optimised its features based on your feedback, so you can stand out in the community and receive personalised suggestions tailored to your skills and interests!

What’s new?

📝 Open to…

What are you open to engaging in on the platform?

Here you can share with the community the ways you wish to engage in social impact. Whether it be for volunteering, mentoring, team activities, brainstorming or collaboration. This is a great way for other community members to get to know you and connect around your shared interests!

🎨 Share your socials

Share more about yourself, your skills & interest

You can now add links to your other social media profiles, including your LinkedIn, Twitter, Dribbble and Behance accounts - so that you can more easily share your great work with the community.

Make the most of your profile

1️⃣ Activate

Activate your profile by adding your profile picture, a short bio to introduce yourself, as well as your skills and which causes you care about. This way you can show the community all that you are, what you love and have to offer.

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2️⃣ Engage

Start engaging with other like minded changemakers. Favourite opportunities of interest, follow groups you’re interested in and keen to keep in touch with. Then, why not get in touch with a group, if you have what they’re looking for, or could use their support? Lastly, take part in an exciting opportunity, to progress a cause you care about. 

Find opportunities

3️⃣ Share

Celebrate your story with others by sharing opportunity updates, general news and your profile page across other social channels. This is a great way to showcase your great work progressing positive impact and have others acknowledge the good you and the community create!

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