How to Make an Impact and Feel Great about it - Finding your Actigai

Nicky Dunlop
checkVerified writer
PUBLISHED ON May 27, 2022


You may have heard of the Japanese term Ikigai, which simply means ‘reason to live’, or ‘reason to get up in the morning.’ Finding your Ikigai is all about discovering what it is that makes you come alive, and then doing it. 

Typically, you discover your Ikigai by defining the following areas of your life:

  • Passion: Doing what you love
  • Skills: Doing what you are good at
  • Mission: Doing what the world needs
  • Vocation: Doing what you can be paid for

That sweet spot between all four is your ikigai. And when you find it, you can start living a life where what you are doing feels fully aligned with who you are, allowing you to feel happier, more effective, and more empowered. 

Since we are all about empowering people to take effective action, ActionAble and Goodsted are teaming up to put on a workshop that will help you find your own sweet spot. But with a little twist.

Rather than helping you define what you can get paid for (which we are going to assume you have already done), we are going to help you define what action you can take here and now. Because we think that so often, the missing ingredient in making an impact is taking that first step. 

We call this your Act-igai, because the emphasis is on getting out there in the world and doing something with your reflections. If that sounds scary, don’t worry! Because the idea of the workshop is that you’ll define actions that feel meaningful, accessible, and interesting to you based on what you have to offer. 

We know that people want to make a difference, to make a better world, and that it can feel hard to get going. And it’s true, it is difficult, with endless options of things we could be doing to help. Endless news headlines telling us of the latest systemic crisis. And endless tasks on our to-do lists prevent us from ever feeling like we have the headspace to think. 

For that reason, our workshop is all about giving you that space to pause and reflect, and simplifying the process around taking action for you. So that by the end, you will have an idea of what you would like to do, and where you would like to go and do it. 

The workshop will look like this:

  • We’ll help you connect with your most effective, inspired, can-do version of yourself
  • We’ll give you space to think through and explore the various aspects of your Act-igai: your passions, skills and mission
  • We’ll give you a chance to connect with other aspirational action-takers, with the opportunity to explore your ideas and get some encouragement and inspiration
  • We’ll show you how you can use your Act-igai by finding customised opportunities for action through the Goodsted platform and in your daily life, providing you with an actionable roadmap for making a difference by the end of the workshop.

If that sounds good, we’d love to see you there on June 9th, 1-2pm.

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Inspiration is great, Action is better!

With love,

ActionAble and Goodsted