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Our Story

It's no secret that the world we inhabit is in trouble. We need to unite behind common goals, across all sectors and industries, to create the positive impact and incremental progress that is needed to enact long-lasting social and environmental development.

Our Founder


“It all begun when I started searching for opportunities to use my skills for social impact”

Selin was inspired to make the world a better place by helping more people take part in social and environmental change. She witnessed how non-profit projects can grow with the right volunteer and in-kind support, and how individuals can make a huge difference by sharing their skills to help. This is where the journey began.

Our Purpose

Building a collaborative citizenry.

The challenges that society face are bigger than any one of us. And no one voice has the answer. We help individuals, organisations and communities come together to turn lofty goals into practical action, and help them collaborate towards building a better future and creating impact at scale.

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Our Mission

Build the world's most diverse and accessible collaboration platform to easily engage all stakeholders in action to progress social and environmental causes. Break down barriers to talent, and re-define the volunteering experience.

Our Vision

Empower global collaboration for social and environmental progress

We aim to co-create a world where every member of society can easily contribute to positive change, and all individuals and organisations collaborate on initiatives to progress social and environmental development.

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Hours Volunteered

Our Values


We make doing good easy. We harness the power of technology to help you take action and collaborate.


We believe in creating a better world for all by helping to scale impactful solutions.

Community & Humanity

We believe in uniting behind common goals, across all sectors and industries, in order to create long-lasting and positive impact.


We make it more engaging, accountable, and measurable to engage in causes you care about - so we can all play our part in building a better tomorrow.


We are a place for doing good, empowering all individuals to play their part, by respecting and celebrating that which makes us different.

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